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Welcome to Silvercrest Investment Fund, where credibility meets excellence in investment management. With over 30 years of Real Estate experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Our long-standing experience and history in investments have allowed us to navigate the low cost housing market complexities and consistently generate value for our clients. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we employ a rigorous investment approach, leveraging deep insights and extensive research to uncover opportunities and optimize portfolios. Join us on this dynamic journey towards financial success, where your investments are in the hands of experts dedicated to your long-term prosperity.


Our Portfolio

2016 - 2024

Real Estate Sales

250 plus mobile homes bought remodeled re-sold

100 seller finance notes originated More than

$ 7 million dollars in manufactured home sales

$ 5 million dollars in private capital note sales

4 South Scottsdale long-term rentals

Bought remodeled and rented

2016 - 2024

MHVillage Buyers Guide Magazine

8+ years in manufactured housing sales and acquisitions Listed in MHVILLAGE Buyers Guide Magazine 2023 with institutional investment programs operating nationally investing and acquiring mobile home parks

2016 - 2024

Institutional Recognition

Institutional recognition in manufactured housing from Cal am Properties Kingsley management Treehouse Roots management, and more...

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